Identify Dates for the Colorful Festival in March 2017 Calendar

Holi is one of the most popular festivals which are celebrated in India. The festival of Holi falls on the Phalgun Purnima in February or in the month of March. This is one of the most interesting festivals that you can enjoy while living in India.
To celebrate this festival, people use to light bonfire which is done in evening. This festival is known for forgetting up the misunderstandings that may occur in familial relationships. On this festival you can easily do that as this colorful festival brings happiness in the lives of people. Most of the Indians are excited about this festival and it is very obvious to find out the dates of this Festival.
Dhulhandi is the day when this festival is celebrated with great excitement.

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This day is celebrated after the Holika Dahan and on the day of Dhulhandi you can find excitement among people as they are quite excited to see the blend of colors at the time of celebration. The festival is popular for its radiant and vivid colors and the masses are busy pouring colored water through the little water pouring instruments called Pichkaris in India.
All an all this festival is popular for its different ways of celebrations. Our team has kept the essence of this festival in mind while creating March 2017 Calendars. We welcome you to save and print the Holi Calendars from our homepage. Download right away!