January 2017 Complete Public Holidays

India is one of the second populated country in the world which is famous for its various religions and customs celebrated by the Indians. Because of its huge population, Indians celebrate three public holidays including the Independence Day, Republic Day, and the last one is the Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday whereas the number of territories in India choose their official off in the context of the religion, language, culture, festivals and events which are celebrated in that area.

According to the Indian Labor laws, Employee can also work in the above-mentioned holidays but for this, they will get the pay of that day. The official off and the paid salary for that official off will be mentioned in the employment contracts of the offer letter, which the employee get at the time of joining. In India, you will find 32 states and three union territories which celebrate their own customs and festive seasons. If you will combine all the festival as well as the official off, then there are 190 total officials off which are celebrated by the Indians.

Talking about the bank holidays, then the official off is different as compared to the corporate one, national, territorial, and school holidays. For each bank, you have to check their working timings as well as their official offs. Banks are closed on the national occasions which are mentioned above and celebrated by the Indians. There are a number of territories present in the India which celebrate the festive season or the official off at a time. There is some official off which are not fixed as the dates of the festive season changes each year.

So before planning your vacations, check out the total official off the person has as it depends on the organization to organization. See the January 2017 calendar with calendars before making any plans which you can download online.

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